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Tritech Group Limited is a home grown enterprise established in Singapore in Year 1999.

With the enduring effort from the founder Dr. Jeffrey Wang and his team of aspiring entrepreneurs, Tritech has grown from a small firm providing engineering services to a company with presence in Asia-Pacific region.

The team recognized "good enough" technology in engineering products and services is not enough. As a team, they set out to define new modes technology which stems from its founders and remains involved in the business and the community. Building on their pioneering efforts, Tritech Group Limited’ technology platforms are now pervasive across all customer segments where high fidelity engineering matters — consumers, creative professionals, and enterprises.

Tritech Group Limited’s businesses focus on high-technology oriented engineering products and services.

TriTech Engineering Group currently has six (6) subsidiaries providing the following scope of services classified under "Urban and Environmental Infrastructure":

Geological Exploration, Site Investigation and Testing
Geotechnical and Structural Health Monitoring
Engineering Consultancy - Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Environmental, IT, Project Management
Specialist Design and Build Ground Engineering Works

TriTech Environmental Group currently has six (6) subsidiaries providing the following scope of services classified under "Water and Environmental Protection":

Membrane and Membrane Related Products
Water Solutions
Environmental Solutions
VaVie ® Health Care Products

All the subsidiary companies have strong fundamentals and are a reputable market leader in their own field.

With Singapore as the base, Tritech Group Limited has ventured successfully into other Asian countries. The Group currently has extensive businesses in China, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The company, through constant innovation, will push the boundaries of high fidelity engineering sector it helped create. The direction of our company is in many ways a reflection of where we've already been. It's not a destination but a quest for growth where we look to the future. To achieve this, the real key has been the dedication and dynamism of our people who continually find ways to deliver better products and solutions for our customers.

The company’s rapid business growth has been fueled by values that our leadership team and our employees share. Our culture is geared towards determination, passion and integrity in all our endeavors to bridge the technological gap between knowledge and application. Our culture is a call to action that engages our unceasing curiosity, our passion, and our drive to be first in everything that we do.

Tritech Group Limited’s group of companies has grown from strength to strength in terms of company set-up and resources. The Group owns Tritech Building and two unit lots in Entrepreneur Business Centre.

The company’s growth is mainly attributed to her dynamic, capable, diligent and highly dedicated management team. In addition, the Group has over 300 staff, where 60% are professional, executive and technical level. This competent group of people is a key asset to Tritech Group.

Corresponding to the steady growth, the revenue has increases steadily at a rate of 2 folds every year since the year of establishment.

The company has also grown rapidly in terms of market presence and branding. The company has developed closed ties with the industries as well as overseas corporation. In particular, the Group has strong connection and close contact with China key professionals in various industrial ministries in various cities, which enable Tritech to tap on to the larger market.

With the astute sense of vision for business potential, savvy-ness for technical innovation and pragmatic approach to business implementation, Tritech Group is well-positioned for continual growth in years to come.