Services | Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring

We offer a wide range of instrumentation and monitoring services to ensure the safe execution of construction works and to ensure safety. The monitoring services offered can be categorized to:

Our strength lies with our strong geotechnical knowledge, which enable us to provide quality services, and also in-depth engineering interpretation to ensure optimal but safe execution of construction works.

Ground Movement Monitoring  

Inclinometer in soil or in wall to monitor lateral ground movement
Ground settlement markers survey to monitor ground settlement
Water standpipe to monitor ground water behaviour
Piezometer either single or multi-tips to monitor pore water pressure changes in soil
Earth pressure cell to monitor vertical or lateral earth pressure
Borehole extensometer to monitor sub-surface settlement

Existing Structures Monitoring  

Tiltmeter to monitor change in tilt of existing structures
Crackmeter to monitor crack width on existing structures
EL Beam and vibrating wire tiltmeter to monitor change in tilt remotely (for non-accessible or sensitive structures)
Tape extensometer (convergence points) to monitor distortion of existing structures
Building settlement marker and prism to monitor movement of existing structures

Excavation Support System Monitoring  

Vibrating wire strain gauge to monitor deep excavation strut load
Vibrating wire loadcell to monitor deep excavation strut load
Vibrating wire loadcell to monitor ground anchor force
Vibrating wire loadcell to monitor rockbolt force

Construction Activities Impact Monitoring  

Seismograph (vibration sensor) to monitor vibration generated from construction site
Noisemeter to monitor noise generated from construction site